7 Unique Traits of Pit Bulls


There are many misconceptions and confusions regarding the term ‘Pit Bull’. It does not signify a single breed of dog, but refers to upto five breeds or even mixes of these. breeds. Ideally, Pit Bull’s are someone having short hair, a wide skull, powerful jaws along with having a muscular body.

Pit Bull’s have an image of being human aggressive and fighters and although this is not true, yet not everybody can manage to keep a Pit Bull as a pet because it is quite distinct from other dog breeds. Hence it is important that you are aware of the facts about this breed before you decide to buy one. We list below 7 important personalities of a Pit Bull that may help you make the correct decision.


Pit Bull’s have a lot of energy in them. If they are confined in a restricted area for a long time, then they may get aggressive. For this reason, it is necessary that you take them on long walks or play with them often so as to exercise them. Ideally you should be ready to spend atleast two hours a day playing with them.


Pit bull’s are very much athletic and agile. Many of them are expert in climbing tall fences or digging underground. In short, they are excellent escape artists. So it is necessary to supervise your Pit Bull and provide him with a secure set up both indoors and outdoors in case they run away or get lost. It is essential to tie a collar and a tag around your dog in case such a situation ever arises.


If you bring home a puppy Pit Bull, you have to keep in mind that he will need to urinate almost every few hours. Hence it is important that you house-train your Pit Bull properly and select an area that will be his go to spot. You need to learn to be able to read your dog’s body language else if your dog starts feeling uncomfortable, then he has his guard up and his aggressive instinct will come to the fore. You should be able to guess when your dog is tired, too excited or just wants to go to the loo.


Pit bull’s love and adore their owners like anything. Also they tend to form very deep bonds with their owners and are extremely loyal. But this loyalty needs to be honored by spending tons of quality time with your Pit Bull. They don’t differentiate amongst humans and in fact they are happiest when they are around their owners. They show their love towards their owners by happily wiggling around them or kissing them quite often.


Although Pit Bull’s love humans a lot, yet they need their own alone time during the day. Hence it is to be ensured that your dog has his own special area like a crate or an outdoor kennel where he can go and relax or sleep whenever he is feeling tired or overwhelmed.


Pit Bull are short coated animals and hence by default are extremely clean at all times. Their grooming is a very low maintenance job because they can be bathed in a very short time. Also, because of their short hair, they are in no need to get a doggie haircut done or to be brushed that often.


Pit Bull’s are attention savvy and love to entertain and please people. They are extremely hilarious, fun and playful and make us laugh most of the times just by clowning around. They have a great urge to run, swim, romp and play outdoors. In fact, this breed of dog is so social with humans that it will do just about anything asked from him in order to hear praise and approval from people. They are also extremely fond kids and that is one of the main reasons that they are considered to be one of the best family dog breed.

Pit Bull’s are inherently considered to be a driven, competitive and fierce dog breed. For example, in dog fights, Pit Bull’s are known to fight until death. However if trained properly, then there is no reason to believe that your dog won’t listen to you. The most important personality traits of a Pit Bull are his gameness, endless energy, desire to please humans and athleticism. Your dog will need a lot of structured alpha training along with too much exercise and detailed attention. Hence a Pit Bull owner on his part will require to devote a lot of his time, energy and perhaps some muscle to the task.

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